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TeslaAddict | Your Driver in a fully electric Tesla P85D Model S Sedan in Lyon, France

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Your vehicle is a Tesla Model S P85D four seats with "executive rear row seats".
All options vehicle : panoramic roof, auto pilot feature, premium finishing, tinted windows...

P85D : P for Performance, 85 for the 85kw battery capacity, and D for Dual Motor.
Top of the Tesla model S with its amazing torque and power, this Model S P85D is not manufactured anymore since 2016.

Four wheels drive, this Tesla Model S has two engines, as the D one, but the P version has a much more powerful rear engine.
It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in about 3.2 seconds, versus 4.4 seconds for the 85D version.
The P85D maximum torque is 930 n/m.

The "AutoPilot 1" (AP1) is based on the radar informations under the car nose (adaptative cruise control) and analyse the data provided by the camera behind the windshield.
The AP1 allows the car to stay in its line and steers the wheel. The Ap1 feature is based on a Mobileye chip. This system is perfect for high speed roads and highways.
For an optimum security, the Ap1 is best to be used on roads with central separations, even if it can work on other roads configurations. In France, the laws do not allow the driver to release the steering wheel.

The main battery is made of 7104 "lithium-ion 18650" cells. Tesla provides it a height years warranty without range limitation.
This battery can be recycled into domestic batteries (Tesla Powerwall). It is located in the vehicle chassis, for a very low gravity center.

The Tesla charging network: The SuperChargers (SuC)

Tesla's main advantage is their dedicated SuperChargers network, allowing Teslas owners to recover 50% of the battery charge within 20 minutes, 80% within 40 minutes, and 100% within a little bit more than one hour.
For the first time in car's history, this network allows electric cars to drive across Europe ! The red Locations are the available SuperChargers, The grey ones will soon open.

Do you wish to try or buy a Tesla ? Follow this link : Tesla website

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